Wildlife Rescue and Control Inc.

Wildlife Rescue and Control Inc. provides a wide range of humane animal removal services for residential and commercial properties in Indianapolis and throughout Central and Southern Indiana. Our fully-insured wildlife control contractors are licensed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and retain extensive experience extracting and excluding all sorts of Indiana wildlife, from raccoons and bats, to birds, squirrels, skunks, and more. Upon extraction, we provide professional wildlife clean up and decontamination services to restore your property back to its original condition.

We retain comprehensive training and understanding of wildlife behaviors, which allow us to thoroughly and efficiently resolve nuisance animal problems for any property. We are fully-equipped and prepared to undertake any animal removal job, large or small, and remain dedicated to safe and humane wildlife control. When you need prompt and professional animal removal services in Indianapolis, trust our licensed and insured wildlife rescue contractors for efficient and affordable solutions.

Raccoons in the Basement, Attic, or Other Area of Your House?

Raccoons in the house can cause major destruction to your ceilings, walls, floorboards, roof shingles, and more. If you suspect you have raccoons in the attic or other area of your house, it is vital to have them removed as soon as possible. The sooner you catch a raccoon infestation in or around your home, the less time they have to damage the property. Call Wildlife Rescue and Control Inc. at 317-535-4605 for a free raccoon removal estimate and information.

Raccoon Removal Indianapolis IN
Bats in the Attic or Other Area of Your House?

Bats will roost in dark, warm areas of a property. Attics, chimneys, crawl spaces, and garages are common areas for bats to roost. Signs include nighttime scratching and shuffling noises, thumping, lingering odors, and guano sightings. If you suspect that you have bats in the house, be sure to contact our DNR licensed wildlife rescue contractors for non-lethal bat removal and cleanup service you can trust.

Bat Removal Indianapolis IN
Squirrels in the Attic or Other Area of Your House?

Although cute and fun to feed, squirrels can get out of control and quickly become more of a nuisance than an entertaining backyard experience. Squirrels get on roofs, into attics, and several other areas of a home and property. Once there, they love to chew! Electrical wiring, insulation, and more can all be destroyed by nuisance squirrels. If you suspect you have squirrels in the house, contact our wildlife rescue contractors for safe and humane squirrel removal services.

Squirrel Removal Indianapolis IN
Animal Waste and Damage Left Behind?

Aside from wildlife rescue and control, we also provide wildlife clean up services and minor restorations for animal damages. The mess that wild animals can leave behind is not only damaging to the structural integrity of your property, it can also jeopardize your health and indoor comfort. We use the latest tools and technologies to clean and decontaminate areas of animal damage, restore attic insulation, and more. Call us today at 317-535-4605 for more information about our wildlife removal and control services.

Wildlife Clean Up Indianapolis IN
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  • Locally owned and operated for 20+ years
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